Born in Blanes, Girona (Spain) in 1983, but resides in Zamora very young where his musical studies began with seven years at the Conservatory of Music of Zamora. It has belonged to various musical groups that have forged its profile as a multi-instrumentalist: Bands, Polyphonic Choir, folk groups, etc. Throughout these years, he has performed with instruments different musical styles: classical music, jazz, music, folk music, Latin music, popular music ...

     At 12 he began studying flute with three holes and traditional drum and percussion at the School of Folklore of Zamora (CFMZ) and the Center of Traditional Culture "Angel Carril" (Salamanca). He has worked since 2003 with numerous groups as Santarén Folk, Entrovados, Jambrina and Madrid, Tinder,  Luar na Lubre, Azzband, Candeal, Fetén Fetén, Chema Corvo, the Mariquelo, etc. Combines his multi-instrumentalist and musical performances (woodwinds, strings and traditional percussion) solo work as musical director of the Association of Drummers Zamoranos (ATZ) participating in numerous projects, festivals and music events in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe .

     In the field of teaching, professional goal has always pursued has been transmit all enriched by the great experience is to listen to others knowledge. He graduated in History and Science of music, graduated in Music Education from the University of Salamanca and Master Officer "Hispanic Music" in the specialty of Ethnomusicology by UVA. Usually gives courses and lectures on traditional music and traditional instruments and perform numerous fieldwork. Since 2007 he is Professor of Music and works as opposed to monitor CFMZ as 3-hole flute and drum in Schools Folklore and Carbellino Zamora.


- In 2012 he was awarded the Young Award MT Value of Traditional Music in the fourth edition of the awards organized by the Association Arlafolk Benavente (Zamora).
- In 2014 he obtained the 1st National Award given by HE Drummers. City of Plasencia (Cáceres) in the category of free work.
- Granted the Nazionale di Cultura Zampognara "Pasquale Pizzoli" award in autumn 2014 in Pescara (Italy).